Virginie Castaway 


Virginie Castaway

How can Virginie Castaway build awareness and brand affinity during the Summer sales, in a period where advertising messages around the sales are cluttered?

Our approach

The competition is represented by brands with higher consumer regard like Vanessa Bruno and Isabelle Marans who push communication during the sales period.

Instead of competing on price value and promotions, we wanted to conceive a campaign that would focus on the experience consumers live while shopping during the sales, in order to emerge from the competition.

We thus chose to focus on the competitive instinct you develop throughout the sales. Indeed, our campaign addresses the sales experience in the same way of competing in a sports tournament: we prepare, we establish a strategy, and we are ready to battle it out to obtain the item of our desires.

The campaign execution is pure and stylish, focusing uniquely on the consumer sales experience. This campaign allows Virginie Castaway to emerge in a competitive advertising space at this time of year.

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