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Cara Delevingne - 2015

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Don't crack under pressure - 2014

TAG Heuer
Don't crack under pressure

In charge of the global communication for TAG Heuer since 2008, BBDO BEAU returns this autumn 2014 with a new international campaign.

Intimately linked to sporting feats, TAG Heuer is a brand that has always advocated audacity, avant-gardism, and mental strength.
The campaign 'Knights of Time' featured determined ambassadors, extraordinary people for whom self-realization is not a story of 'achievement' but of self-transcendence to constantly reinvent oneself.

For this new global campaign for TAG HEUER, BEAU BBDO worked with BBDO partners in Japan, China and in the USA to find and celebrate a vision of success always more in tune with the time. What makes true success today, is not to win, it is to impact your field, your time.

A campaign that celebrates the 'Time Changers': remarkable men and women who have achieved success by inventing their own rules, always fueled by the mental strength that allows them to never give up to any form of pressure, whether social, physical or mental ...

Signed ‘Don’t crack under pressure’, the campaign renews the historic signature of the brand by capturing the mental strength of brand ambassadors, athletes and personalities chosen for their exceptional career and emotional strength, shedding a new light on the value of audacity.

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Mikrograph - 2011

TAG Heuer 

The knights of time - 2009/2012

TAG Heuer
« The knights of time »

What is the best approach to accompany TAG Heuer in evolving their perception from a sports brand to a luxury brand with an athletic DNA?

Our approach

In a turbulent economic environment where the logical communication methods are opportunist and on a short-term basis, the TAG Heuer campaign, "Knights of Time", is a campaign that has been building its foundation for 5 years.

The shared values between the ambassadors and the brand are mirrored in their intimate relation with their watches. These timepieces aren’t just accessories, they are talismans, lucky charms, accompanying the heroes on their continuous quest to be better and stronger.

This campaign has allowed the brand to emerge in today's world of communication that has little differentiation; allowing the perception of the brand to progress as a luxury item.

Strong in its creative and strategic orientation, TAG Heuer is achieving record sales and growth since the first launch of the campaign in 2009.

Maintained since 2008, and diffused in around 80 countries, the campaign has continued to evolve while introducing new ambassadors such as Shah Rukh Khan in India and Chen Dao Ming in China to best integrate the brand and campaign into these emerging markets.

Photographer: Tom Munro (2009) / Nathaniel Goldberg (2012)

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Evolution - 2009