How to make the brand more desirable for a younger audience?

Our approach

Every ride becomes an extraordinary journey.

Mercedes-Benz is a legendary automotive brand, but it tends to age with its target. The restructuring of its entire product range brings, however, a stronger and sportier look.

To make this renewal more significant, we decided to energize the brand's iconic symbol: the star. More than a sign of status, the Mercedes-Benz’ star is the symbol of an entire world of sensations related to a unique experience of driving.

This is exactly what we chose to reveal. The film is a surprising road movie into the heart of Mercedes’ sensations with the captivating music of Kavinsky playing in the background.

In a sublime demonstration of luxury that the driving of a Mercedes offers: to make every daily and ordinary ride an extraordinary journey.

To make this movie, we chose to work with some well-known and talented people: Ludovic Houplain, the director of "Collectif H5" who won an Oscar, and Kavinsky, the electro-music rising star, for his musical art, his modernity and his well-known passion for cars.

The website invites you to enter into the Mercedes-Benz' universe. On the website,, users are invited to post a picture of a symbolic star on the “Wall of Stars". The picture is then submitted to the Internet users’ vote for a chance to win the New Mercedes Class A.


The movie has become a reference for the young target and regenerated the brand by renewing its historical sportsmanship and its iconic status.

More than a new campaign, a disruption in its communication, creating an important impact on the media and social networks.

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