Luxury Goods in Brazil & China
Know Your Consumers

It’s a fact: The fate of the luxury market is being decided by the emerging markets. Which have actually been emerging for quite a while. But opening grandiose boutiques in new areas is not enough. We must be able to really know and understand these new consumers, because, a Brazilian billionaire definitely has little to do with a Chinese nouveau-riche…

After a first opus in 2009, “The Chinese Dream, The New Eldorado for Luxury Brands”, BBDO Beau had the idea of drawing a precise portrait of the luxury customer bases in two strikingly different countries: on one hand, Brazil, a Latin, federal, mixed-race country and on the other, China, the centralized, Asian power.

To do so, Valérie Accary and Marie-Pierre Benitah, CEO of BBDO Paris and Vice President, BBDO Beau, respectively, organized a panel on January 24th, 2013 at the Hotel Hyatt in Paris with Hans Lopez-Vito, Executive Planning Director in charge of luxury, BBDO China, Paulo Coelho Mendez, Planning Director, ALMAP-BBDO (Brazil) & Hung Huang, blogger, publisher, and businesswoman, listed as one of the world’s 100 most influential people by Time Magazine in 2011.

You will find all of the presentation materials as well as a video with the key moments of the event here.

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