Azzaro pour homme


A new global campaign for the mythic fragrance Azzaro pour Homme.

To align itself with the elegance and couture of the Master Loris Azzaro, the number one men’s fragrance in Brazil (and one of the best sellers in Europe and Latin America), is moving on from its former suave image embodied by Enrique Iglesias, and angling for a more chic, glamourous image.

Ian Somheralder, the see-through-blue-eyed American actor and Ana Beatriz Barros, the stunning blonde model, are paired to revatilize this great classic.

Set in a modern-day classic Italian palazzo, a couple made of a charismatic man and an elegant woman share electrically seductive glances.

Boldly and magnificently walking on a grand dinner table, Ana Beatriz Barro stares at Ian Somerhalder and, with impertinence, sweeps aside everything that stands in her way: vases, candelabras and anything superfluous.

It is a sublime apocalypse of things that gets us back to the essential : desire.

Set in an authentic Palazzio on the edge of Lake Como, the campaign was shot by David Bellemere and directed by Jonas Akerlund.

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Chrome United

Chrome United

Successfully launch the flanker of a cult franchise, particularly in the US, in Brazil and in France, while aiming for a younger target.

Our approach:

Whereas the original perfume’s strategy is about transmission and heritage between father and son, Chrome United introduces the picture of a friendship as solid as chromium itself. Through a display evocative of candid liberty and of the personal connection amongst a group of friends, Chrome United celebrates a carefree and proud youth excitedly jumping into the world. This unifying and global discourse is the symbol of an international youth seeking joyful and collective adventures. It also serves as the foundation for a digital platform allowing a group of friends to plan and win their own dream trip on Facebook.

Photographer: Phil Poynter

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