We call ourselves “Beau” because we like beautiful things, beautiful images, beautiful stories, and beautiful products.

As all luxury agencies, we know that these brands have to make people dream. They have to be unique and unclassifiable. We know that nothing can be dictated to these brands.

At BBDO BEAU, we also know that these brands are consumed, admired, discussed, hated, adored, worn, diverted, claimed, desired. By real people.

We know that these brands are above all based in culture, and that culture is, in essence, nothing more than an image created by people.

BBDO BEAU never forgets that in luxury, there is also a consumer. A consumer in love, and thus that much more demanding.

BBDO BEAU is an observer

BBDO BEAU is based within the culture of insight. To understand the psychological and social behaviors, as well as perceptions, is fundamental, especially in luxury.

The insight is what leads us to the Idea. For luxury brands that are developing around the world, the idea has value only if it is universal: this is our obsession. We know how to maximize our global network to best understand our target market. This is powerful and beneficial in giving meaning to our brands, all around the world.

BBDO BEAU is international

Strategic planning is a historical strength at BBDO. In France, as abroad. Our world network allows us to have representatives in every corner of the planet to investigate how the position, message and image of the brands can be relevant for all targets.

BBDO BEAU is the center of a luxury network that has a constant dialogue with the experts of BBDO's hubs such as New York, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo, all of whom who specialize in following and understanding luxury consumers throughout the world.

BBDO BEAU is creative

The digital world has created a new kind of consumer with whom luxury brands must learn to connect and create a dialogue, using tools that they did not create and do not control.

We believe that the relationship between the consumer and their brand values more than ever those who take chances. Luxury brands do not need classic creative ideas. They need powerful ideas that are going to elevate their own creativity, which, in turn, are going to increase their value.